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My name is Chris Kenny, I am a musician and music producer from Scotland. I am also the keyboardist for Ignite Music. For over 10 years I have performed mixed and produced for various bands and artists, in a variety of genres from classical to pop. Specialising mostly in the Contemporay Christian Music scene (CCM)

As I got more involved, the idea of using a computer and software on stage became more of a thing. After many long nights learning Ableton and Reason, googling how to videos and having a few horror stories along the way I eventually built a stable rig I could use to get the best possible sound I could, merging electronic sounds with a live band on stage. 

Over time, with Ignite Music, we began using Ableton to launch tracks and loops live.  With my experience of sound engineering and sound design I learned how create and write my own tracks that I use live on stage or in the studio to compliment the band to give a bigger and fuller sound. Over the years I have worked with many artists around the UK, performing live and producing studio projects as well as working on creating music for film projects and it's this experience I want to make available to you.

You might just be starting out, or have been in the industry for years, either way, recording and producing a record can be challenging. I offer my skill in mixing, mastering and software production for your project. Just get in touch for a quote, with questions, or just to talk keyboards. Check out my site to find out how I can help you.


Here is a few tracks I produced on. You can hear the full track and also what I added on its own.



Need audio for a project, have questions or just want to chat, get in touch either by email or Facebook.

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