My name is Chris Kenny, I am a musician and music producer from Scotland. I am also the keyboardist for Ignite Music. For over 10 years I have performed, mixed and produced music for various bands and artists, in a variety of genres from classical to pop. I specialise mostly in the Contemporary Christian Music scene (CCM).

As my involvement with music grew, the idea of using a computer and software on stage became more of an interest. This newfound passion lead to many long nights learning how to use software, such as Ableton and Reason. Through this research and learning from others more experienced, I eventually built a stable rig which gave me the best possible sounds. This enabled me to merge electronic sounds with a live band on stage. 

Over time with Ignite Music, we began using Ableton to launch tracks and loops in live performance.  With my experience of sound engineering and sound design, I then learnt how to create and write my own tracks. These tracks could be used live on stage or in the studio, in order to compliment the band and create a bigger and fuller sound. 


Over the years I have worked with many artists around the UK, performed live and produced studio projects, as well as working on creating music for film projects. It is this experience that I want to make available to you.

You may be starting out, or have been in the music industry for years, either way, recording and producing a record can be challenging. I offer my skill in mixing, mastering and software production for your project. Get in touch to request a quote, to ask questions, or just to talk keyboards. Check out my site to find out how I can help you.


Here is a few tracks I produced on. You can hear the full track and also what I added on its own.



Need audio for a project, have questions or just want to chat? Get in touch either by email or Facebook.

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