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Tracks from client are due by the 15th of the following months after subscription sign up for the length of subscription chosen. For example: If you sign up on January 1st, your file for the month of January, should be delivered by the 15th of February.

If tracks are not delivered on time, and no communication or reason has been made, the client forgoes that months mix, and forgoes that track on the EP or album. You will not be eligible for a refund.

Tracks should be sent as WAV files 24 bit, preferably 48khz sample rate.

88K Productions will offer 3 mix revisions per mix. And an additional 3 for album mix as a whole. Additional mixes will be charged at £10 per mix.

88K Productions will deliver a mixed and mastered WAV file no later than 2 weeks from file delivery date.

88K Productions will deliver mixed and mastered album no later than 1 month from end of subscription.


If you cancel your subscription you will be billed for 25% of the total cost of the subscription. Where this has already been paid, you will receive all tracks to date and will lose any future months that are unpaid. The client will lose the album mix revisions.


Multi-tracks for final mixes can be requested for £15 per song. Ableton sessions with multi-tracks  loaded in session view, divided to sections and ready to go can be requested, the costs are as follows: £25 per single track, £100 for all 6 tracks in the same session and £200 for all 12 tracks in the same session.


Should the client wish me to produce keys tracks for songs, the client should inform 88K Productions by email. A second bill will be sent of £100 per song. 88K Productions will work with you and have a draft available 1 month after receipt of payment.


Client should ensure all files are named appropriately. Please name your channels before recording to ensure the files are named correctly. If you include channel numbers at the beginning of the named file, it is easy to put the tracks in order when I receive the file. Ensure stereo files have "L" for left and "R" for right included in the name. For example "21 Keys L", "22 Keys R"; "23 EG 1 L" "24 EG 1 R"

recommend create a template in your DAW that you use every week to ensure consistency when sending files.


Many artists will replace the live vocal with a better recorded one to increase the quality of the track, due to the bleed vocal microphone pick up. This is an option if you wish.

Client is responsible for any desired overdubs before file delivery. If you want any new files dropped into the session before album release, 88K Productions will do file exchanges and make sure they work in the mix for £20 per song.



Should the price of this service change for any reason, your current package will remain unaffected until subscription renews. This means there will be no unexpected price increases to your current monthly subscription.


Album credits must include the following:

Mixed by: 88K Productions (

Any Videos released must include the following in the description box:

Mixed by

88K Productions Logo is also available on request for video.

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