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As a keyboardist I have produced dozens of tracks both for use in live performance in supporting a band and in the studio for recordings.

I can create custom audio to enhance your sound using a range of sound design, synthesis and compositional techniques.

This ranges from thick pads, synths, pianos, electric drum beats, percussion, sub bass, orchestral strings and much more. You would have access to all my experience and gear.

I can help your music stand out!


The best part is that it's affordable!

You pay for the album in monthly instalments, spread throughout the year. 

Capture a unique moment from your Sunday service each month and turn it into an album.

The idea is simple, record your service each week and each month, send me one multitrack recording of a moment you want to capture. After 12 months, you will have a live  12 track album capturing your churches journey that year!